Media/Press Corner

Warrenton Lifestyle Magazine | “The Warrenton Community Shines During a Family’s Darkest Hour” by Matt Coffin (pages 16-22)

Fauquier Times-Democrat | “A family tragedy: Former Duke star J.J. Redick helps Gay family cope with death of son Patrick” by Jeff Malmgren

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Spiritual Care Support Ministries | “Thank You From The Gay Family to SCSM” by The Gay Family (page 6)

Spiritual Care Support Ministries | “A Tribute to Patrick Ryan Gay” by Tom and Pam Gay (page 2)

Simon & Schuster | “Satch, Dizzy and Rapid Robert” by Timothy Gay

I started researching what became Satch, Dizzy & Rapid Robert in the fall of 2006.  In the initial manuscript, the book was dedicated to my wife Elizabeth and our “Triple A’s”:  Allyson, Andrew, and Abigail.  But after the awful tragedy the following summer, there was never any doubt that the book would be dedicated to Patrick.

All through the two-year drafting process, the dedication read:  “To the Memory of Patrick Ryan Gay, 1985-2007, My Nephew and Hero.”  But just before I sent the manuscript to my publisher in the spring of 2009, I changed it to read, “To the Beautiful Life of Patrick Ryan Gay, 1985-2007, My Nephew and Hero.”

I’m glad I changed it, because the world should know just how beautiful Patrick’s life was.  It was full of joy and laughter, of sly jokes and hilarious impersonations and the perpetual twinkle in the eye.  Pat had a great gift for impish humor.  His video spoof of his father’s bizarre method of mowing the lawn – down to the penciled-in mustache and his send-up of Tom’s stiff-armed determination to cut every blade of grass several times over – would have made Charlie Chaplin chuckle.

Pat also had an appreciation for sports history.  He would have enjoyed all the goofy stories about Satchel Paige and Dizzy Dean.  So, Pat, this one’s for you, buddy.

With love,
Uncle Tim